Electronic Cigarette Lithuania – E-Cigarette legal status in Lithuania

Legal status of electronic cigarettes – Electronic Cigarette Lithuania

LITHUANIA – banned as imitation tobacco products, regardless of nicotine content.

Traditional tobacco cigarettes: In public areas smoking is only permitted in specifically designated smoking areas.
Electronic cigarettes: E-cigarettes are banned in Lithuania.

Regulatory approaches on e-cigarettes


Lithuania bans electronic cigarettes as imitation tobacco product. Arguments in favor of prohibition of e-cigarettes are that their safety is not proven, they can cause nicotine addiction and provide a ‘getaway’ to smoking.

opponents consider prohibition as a ‘smoke or die’ approach that will drive nicotine addicts to smoking tobacco products. it may also lead to the emergence of a black market for e-cigarettes and e-liquids without any quality controls.

Purpose of use

E-Cigarettes and refills are consumer products sold as and used for replacement of smoking, as a consumer alternative. They are neither a tobacco product (as the nicotine can come from any suitable vegetable source or be synthesised) nor a pharmaceutical product (as there is no intention to treat or cure a disease) or to assist smoking cessation (as Harm Reduction products are specifically designed for continuation of use). E-Cigarettes are strictly a consumer purchase, used as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, for ongoing use. No intention to treat or cease nicotine or inhalation habit is assumed by purchasing such a product; it is designed and sold specifically for continuation of such use.

Personal import

There is a difference between personal import and commercial import, and this applies in almost every country. For example in a country where e-cigarette or nicotine refill import is banned, it is usually the case that this applies to commercial imports through Customs. Personal packages via the postal service are often not affected.

Where to order electronic cigarette to Lithuania?

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