Electronic Cigarette Denmark – E-Cigarette legal status in Denmark

Legal status of electronic cigarettes – Electronic Cigarette Denmark

Partial permission: two-tier system.

Permitted, if without nicotine.

Medical licensing only applies to the sale of refills or cartridges containing nicotine. There are currently no laws restricting the sale or promotion of hardware or zero-nic refills. Nicotine-containing devices or refills are banned (they require an MA):
http://lmst.dk/en/topics/authorisation-and-supervision/medicines-and-other-products/special-classifications/electronic-cigarettes (Q2 2013)

What is the two-tier system?

Many countries operate a two-tier system: nicotine and non-nicotine products.
– The hardware does not contain nicotine and is permitted.
– Refills without nicotine are permitted.
– Refills with nicotine (or units sold pre-filled with a nicotine-containing refill) require a medical license. For practical reasons this is a de facto ban on any useful or effective refills.

Usually, the black market fills in for supply of these, or e-cigarette owners would generally be forced to go back to smoking.

Generally, the issue surrounding the legality of e-cigarettes is not that clear in many countries. Starting with Europe, there are countries which the cigarettes aren’t illegal yes, but the licensing laws block the sale of the same due to technicalities in the elements/compounds of the cigarettes. One such country is Denmark. The laws here generally categorize anything with nicotine as a medical product and so do the cigarettes. The cigarettes therefore need the relevant medical authorization for them to be sold.

Opinion on smoking and e-cigarettes in Denmark from local Dr. Hans Ole Hein

In practicality its almost impossible to motivate a fulltime smoker to drop whatever brand they love. However, the chinese are behind an invention that must be able to satisfy an increasing number of smokers as well as non-smokers; The so called E-cigarettes.

Instead of burning the tobacco at high temperature, the nicotine is being delivered in a vapour mist, where the smoker can inhale and absorb the nicotine-vapours in pre-measured doses. The products are being sold all over the internet as we speak.

Even the minister of state is being said to enjoy his E-cigarette, exactly like more and more do. The E-smoker gets the pure nicotine, and can by own choice, select non hurtful aromas while doing it.

The E-smoker is not being exposed to the numerous toxic and cancer producing items, that is being released when you smoke the traditional way. E-smoking is also claimed to be safe for passive smoking.

The rumor has it that the conservative minister of health in Denmark, after pressure from the “Kræftens Bekæmpelse” (“The fight against cancer movement” an institution in Denmark, thats quite large) will ban E-smoking. This sounds outright silly to me. Right now there is nothing that indicates that the E-smoking has a higher risk of anything vs. traditional smoking; Contrariwise.

Electronic cigarette Denmark - to ban or not to ban

But it is a subject worth investigating. Right now, we dont know the long term effects of using E-cigarettes, but even if i repeatedly have met the claim that “Nicotine can give cancer”, this is a myth, nicotine ingestion does not increase the chances of cancer.

As it is right now, we already live in a society where we have learned how to handle a number of potential riscs ranging from dangerous medicine for everyday intake, to the use of electricity, flammable liquids and toxic chemicals. Nicotine is toxic, but with care it will also be possible to handle E-nicotine.

On the other hand, by using the E-cigarette, will we be able to avoid fire accidents caused by thrown away cigarette butts that are still burning, and the increasing amount of deaths related to smoking while in bed.

Since the E-smokers are being exposed to nicotine, but avoids all the other harmful ingredients of tobacco smoke, as a Doctor, i will in the future concentrate on enlightening my fulltime traditional smoking patients, about the existence of E-cigarettes.

Noone knows, but i would not be surprised if the fanatic puritans also will speak in a condescending way about the E-Smokers of the future, even though everyone should know its reprehensible to mock, and stalk legal minority groups.

Where to order electronic cigarette to Denmark?

For your personal use you can always order from on-line store here.

All updates on legal status of electronic cigarettes in France are welcome in comments.

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